On behalf of the entire KY/TN Water Professionals Conference team, we would like to extend an enormous thank you to all our WPC24 volunteers for their efforts in both advance planning and onsite support.

The conference would not be possible without their time, talents, and contributions! We are sincerely grateful for all they do.

Adam Westermann,  Black & Veatch

Conference Co-Coordinators
Josh Flanery, Hazen and Sawyer
Autumn Gibson, Louisville Water

Awards Committee
Joe Russell, Murfreesboro Water Resources Department
Kristi Schnell, Metro Water Services

Competitions Committee
Forrest Pollock, Hardin County Water District No. 2

DEI Committee
Kate Macindoe, Ardurra
Lauren Horton, Louisville Water

Exhibits Committee
Emily Miesner, Layne Christensen
Jason Bivins, JAGS Environmental, Inc.

Facility Tours Committee
Channa Newman, Louisville Water
Dave Radke, Louisville MSD
Joe Okyere, Strand Associates

Food/Beverage Committee
Christine Ngan, CDM Smith
Joey Bentley, CDM Smith

Golf Committee
Josh Rivard, Jacobs
Neal Crawford, Qk4

Local Host Liaison Committee
Kevin Gibson, Louisville MSD
Tim Kraus, Louisville Water

Membership Celebration Committee
Chelsey Whitfill, Louisville Water
Dave Hafner, Brown and Caldwell

CWP-KT President
Mindy Scott, Sanitation District No. 1

Next Round Committee
David Mulloy, Louisville Water
David Osborne, Hazen and Sawyer
Robert Bates, GRW

Publicity/Marketing Committee
Ameerah Palacios, HDR, Inc.
Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water

Registration Committee
Celethia Neal, Louisville MSD
Evan Nathan, Hazen and Sawyer

Signage Committee
Aaron Thompson, Black & Veatch
Paul Maron, Strand Associates

Sponsorship Committee
Clay Bostic, Jacobs
Jordan Basham, Louisville Water

Students Committee
Brady England, SSR
Tucker Baker, Cannon Cannon

Technical Program Committee
Megan Talley, Louisville Water
Shannon Campbell, CDM Smith

Transportation Committee
Kyle Novak, Hazen and Sawyer
Reese Walton, HDR, Inc.

WOW Committee
Kelley Dearing Smith, Louisville Water
Lori Wyatt, Jacobi, Toombs and Lanz Engineering

Young Professionals Committee
Danielle Jones, Hazen and Sawyer
Scott McAmis, Gresham Smith