Tuesday, September 10, 2024
11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
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Grit Happens - Sustainable Solutions for Grit Management At WWTPs
Water Resource Recovery

Operator dissatisfaction with grit removal systems is all too common. Design of grit removal processes has been labeled as inadequate and misunderstood. Conventional guidelines target removal of grit larger than 212 micron in an attempt to minimize organic content. In fact, many wastewater treatment plants across the country find over 50% of their influent grit is smaller than 212 micron. In addition to designing for inadequate removal based on size alone other factors contribute to grit system failure. Advanced grit management, targeting 95% of all grit within the collection system, has been proven across the United States to provide significant plant savings, in both operating cost and manpower. This presentation will focus on what advanced grit management means to the end user, with three installations across the United States (Meridian, ID; Chandler, AZ & Slidell, LA) showcasing the performance improvements while using primarily non-mechanical, low headloss treatment equipment. Topics of discussion will include third party grit characterization, installation information and performance optimization.