Monday, September 9, 2024
2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
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Flowing Together: Leveraging Emotional Intelligence for success in the water Industry

The Water industry is a complex and vital sector that requires the collaboration of various stakeholders, including engineers, suppliers, contractors, regulators, and clients, to ensure the successful implementation of projects that serve the community and the environment. However, even though the primary goal of all stakeholders is to achieve successful projects that benefit the public and the environment, these stakeholders often face avoidable tension despite their high intellectual capabilities. Leveraging emotional intelligence (EQ) can be the key to mitigating this tension and fostering collaboration. The presentation will focus: 1. Understanding Emotional intelligence Exploring the concept of emotional intelligence and its relevance to the water industry. Highlighting the critical components of EQ 2. Identifying the sources of tension Examining common sources of tension among stakeholders. Discussing how emotional triggers can impact professional interactions and project outcomes 3. Strategies of EQ Development Presenting actionable strategies for stakeholders to develop and improve their emotional intelligence. 4. Nurturing a culture of EQ Discussing the importance of fostering a culture of emotional intelligence within organizations and project teams.