Tuesday, September 10, 2024
9:45 AM - 10:15 AM
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CSO Cameras - A Case Study in Camera Installations within Combined Sewers

The Louisville & Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District (MSD) has undertaken an innovative approach to enhance the safety of its personnel engaged in routine inspections of combined sewer overflow (CSO) controls. Given the inherent hazards associated with accessing CSO locations, including busy downtown intersections and potential exposure to hazardous gases within the sewers, MSD has implemented a novel solution to mitigate these risks. The project involves the installation of cameras within CSO structures, enabling remote observation of the controls. The primary goals of the project are to ensure proper operation and document the need for repairs to the CSO controls, and most importantly, mitigate hazards to MSD employees. The construction phase is nearing completion and the cameras are functioning as intended, marking a significant milestone in addressing the safety concerns associated with CSO inspections. The presentation will provide an overview of MSD's approach and the background of the necessity for regular CSO controls inspections. MSD has identified multiple 'problematic' locations where CSO controls require frequent inspection. Details will be provided concerning the multiple site evaluations that were conducted during the planning phase to determine reasonable locations for the pilot installations. The presentation will further explore the design and construction considerations involved in this project and present images captured by the installed cameras. Additionally, the presentation will highlight how MSD has utilized the information gathered during the first 9 months post-installation and the benefits realized. The presentation will not only focus on the two current pilot locations but will also provide insights into how these initiatives align with MSD's future plans. By sharing the experiences and lessons learned, we aim to contribute valuable knowledge to utilities facing similar challenges, fostering a collaborative approach to safety and efficiency in combined sewer infrastructure management.